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Shipping & FAQ

Q: How Long Does Shipping Take?
A: We have customers from all over the world, and have worked hard to set up shipping lines with reasonable delivery times. In addition to the 1-3 days dedicated for creating your diamond art kit, you can expect the following timeframes depending on the country you reside in:

USA: 6-11 days
Canada: 6-15 days
Europe: 6-11 days
Australia: 6-10 days
Singapore: 8-11 days
Japan: 8-14 days

Q: Do you guarantee your shipments?
A: Yes! Each and every order we ship out is guaranteed. If something goes wrong, and you don't get your package, we offer refunds or free replacements.

Q: Do you ship to APO bases?
A: Yes, we do ship to APO bases. However, due to strict shipping requirements when it comes to APO bases, we are forced to use shipping lines that are a little bit slower than those used for domestic locations.

As such, if you're shipping to an APO base, the above estimates likely won't apply. If possible, we recommend shipping to an alternative address (perhaps a friend or family's) and receiving your package once you are able to.

Q: Do you offer expedited shipping?
A: Yes -- however, this will come at an additional cost, and is only recommended for orders $150-200 and more.  Reach out to us at to arrange this!